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Certificate of specialized knowledge

As a publicly appointed official expert, I organise certified examinations for the Chambers of Trade for applicants. An agreement should be made with the Chamber of Trade responsible in advance. An individual exemption for entry in the Register of Crafts in accordance with § 8 of the Crafts and Trades Regulation Code (HwO) can be issued if there is an exceptional reason and knowledge and skills in the craft being applied for similar to a Master level and in the fields of commerce and general law are proven. The exemption means that you fulfil the requirements for entry in the Register of Crafts for a craft that requires authorisation. However, being granted an exemption does not allow you to use the title of “Master” or to teach the craft in question to others. The “Master” examination must be taken in the case of a limited exemption within a maximum period of two years (as a rule). The exact term depends on the individual circumstances. Proof must be given of registration for all parts of the preparation for the Master Craftsman’s Certificate and admission to the “Master” exam.

Certificate of Competence from a publicly appointed official expert
If no sufficient proof of qualification is possible in this way, you can prove the required knowledge and skills in an informal certified examination. The examiner must be ordered by the Chamber of Trade responsible. You must pay the costs of the examination yourself. The Certificate of Competence is usually conducted by a publicly appointed official expert.