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Experts provide security 

Do you suspect your photovoltaic installation has not been installed correctly or has a system defect?

If so, then an independent expert’s report can help you. No matter whether you use your installation privately or in business: I am there for you as an expert – and will test your PV installation. With more complex photovoltaic installations, cooperation with other experts, such as structural engineers, is often necessary. Ask me about your specific problem so that a sensible analysis can be worked out. It is often helpful to make an appointment on location with all those involved. Legal questions can only be discussed by a lawyer. 

Who bears the costs and how much does an expert’s report cost?

The costs of an expert’s report are remunerated according to the German Law on Payment and Compensation by Judiciary Authorities (JVEG). Costs are demanded by the court via an advance payment. The court does not send the files to the expert until the advance payment has been paid. In the case of private expert’s reports, payment is made by agreement. The client carries the costs.  

Within the framework of checking your PV installation, I offer you the examinations described in the "Services” section:

•  Yield reports
•  Situation assessment
•  Aerial photo check (photovoltaics with thermography)
•  Measurements 
•  Fire and lightning protection
•  Inspection of PV modules 
   (characteristic curve measurement, thermography, electroluminescence)
•  Network analysis
•  Certificate of specialised knowledge (“Fachkundenachweis”)

Additionally, you can also hire my services for construction monitoring. 

You can find out more about my services here >