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Situation assessment

One of the most important tasks is the visual inspection of a photovoltaic installation with the help of visual observation. The following are inspected:- the overall construction of the installation - documentation- cable routing- the choice of electrical equipmentThe overall construction of the photovoltaic installation, documentation, cable routing and choice of electrical equipment are inspected. Amongst others, the DIN VDE 0100, part 712 and the corresponding parts of DIN VDE 0100 are examined. Additionally, the suitability of the components with respect to the location (UV resistance, temperature resistance of the components, distance of inverter, string fuse, heat removal in the generator terminal boxes) is checked. 


I also check the correct selection / dimension and technical execution of solar power storage systems as publicly appointed official expert in the context of photovoltaic systems.


An inspection in accordance with RAL GZ 966 can be carried out insofar as the contract has been concluded in accordance with RAL. Inspection in accordance with VdS (German Loss Prevention Council) 3145 may be required if the insurance company demands it. Before the contract is concluded, it should be checked to see if VdS 3145 is part of it.


You can find out more about the aerial photo check by drone here >