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Yield reports

A yield report gives the investor security about the selection and quality of a location.

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Situation assessment 

One of the most important tasks is the visual inspection of a photovoltaic installation with the help of visual observation. 

The following are inspected:
- the overall construction of the 
- documentation
- cable routing
- the choice of electrical equipment


Aerial photo check

- Construction check
- Aerial photograph with and
  without thermography
  (thermal image)
- Determination of damage in
  places that are difficult 
  to access

Prior agreements from the owner and authorities are compulsory.



- Characteristic curve measurement
  of the PV modules
- Putting into operation
- regular check of grid-connected
  photovoltaic systems (protective
  conductor resistance measurement,
  open circuit voltage, short circuit
  current, insulation resistance)
- Documentation check


Fire and lightning protection

Additional requirements, such as DIN 182234, must be fulfilled for industrial and functional buildings as regards fire protection. 
Checking the photovoltaic installation for the existing lightning protection takes place in accordance with DINVDE 0185 (DIN EN 62305-3 VDE 0185-305-3, Supplement 5)

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Characteristic curve measurement

Determination of the following value:
- Power in Wp (STC and OPC
 (operating conditions))
- FF (fill factor)
- RS – series resistance
- Determination of characteristic
  curve under STC
- Determination of characteristic
  curve under OPC 

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Electroluminescence determines cell quality with the help of pictures of solar cells. Voltage is applied to the cell or the module. Current flows “backwards” through the solar cell. This current causes the solar cell to light up (electroluminescence or EL).



The thermography method is used to investigate the thermal image of the PV generators being examined. Errors in the cells are investigated using high-resolution sensors. Errors in bypass diodes, hot spots, mismatching, short-circuiting of cells … can be investigated.

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Energy saving storages

The rapidly growing market for storage systems in Germany and the EU requires a professional installation with respect to ventilation, fire protection and security systems.

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Network analysis 

Determining the influence of 1- 
and 3-phase inverters in the 
low voltage range:
- Efficiency level, power factor
  cos phi
- Real power measurement DC AC 
- Voltage and current harmonics
  up to the 50th order are measured
- Voltage anomalies


Certificate of specialised knowledge

As a publicly appointed official expert, I organise certified examinations for the Chambers of Trade for applicants. An agreement should be made with the Chamber of Trade responsible in advance.

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