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Certain measurements must be undertaken before initial operation in accordance with DIN VDE 0126-23 (DINEN 62446). These measurements mean the photovoltaic installation can be monitored better. Indirect and direct injury to persons and fires are often due to assembly errors. The risk is reduced considerably if a competent measurement is undertaken in advance. Furthermore, this measurement is a component of the BGVA2 (professional association). Characteristic curve measurements allow conclusions to be made about the quality of the photovoltaic installation. The following measurements must be taken and documented on a photovoltaic installation; these can be checked in random sample fashion by an expert:
- protective conductor resistance measurement
- open circuit voltage
- short circuit current 
- insulation resistance



Documentation is an important part of the photovoltaic installation. The documentation means that maintenance can also be carried out quickly by subcontractors. Documentation is required if there is damage. The minimum requirements of documentation are frequently not fulfilled in practice and lead to considerable costs when the documentation is not available. 


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